Secrets of the Kingdom- Part 2 Parable of the Sower

Photo: Valley of the Wind or Valley of the Doves (believed this is where Jesus walked on route from Nazareth to Sea of Galilee)

Read: Matthew 13:1-23

Okay guys, this is where it starts to click. This passage is spoken in a parable. In Matthew 13:10 it says, “The disciples came to him and asked, Why do you speak to the people in parables?” We already conclude from this passage that the Disciples were there listening to Jesus that day, we also determined that the Gentiles and Jews/Pharisees/teachers of the law were there too. If you reread verses 20-23 you will note that Jesus is talking about three specific groups here. I believe that these three groups correlate with the audience he was talking to that day. Let’s review a little bit of information about the three groups. We have the Disciples, which are Jesus’ devoted followers who were his friends and did what Jesus taught and lived according to his teachings. We have the Gentileswho were not of the Jewish heritage so they did not follow the law (rules of the bible) they did not know Jesus and they were living sinful lives and did not follow God with no hope of eternity with Jesus. We also have the Jews/Pharisees/teachers of the law that followed every letter of the law and even got after Jesus for “breaking” some of the biblical rules. They were also known for being lovers of money (Luke 16:14).

The group from Matthew 13:20-21 align with the Gentiles. They heard the word with joy because they were not Jewish and now had equal opportunity to gain eternal life. They fell away quickly when trouble or persecution came because of the word (they were not living as Jesus taught) and they had no root. They second group, from Matthew 13:22 align with the Jews/Pharisees/teachers of the law. They were worriers because they were slaves to the law, so they were always worried about being perfect. They were also tied up with the deceitfulness of wealth. This caused them to be unfruitful.  The third group we have were the Disciples. They were good soil. They heard the word and understood it and produced a large crop.

I believe that these three groups are still present today. After all these years, the groups that he was speaking to that day align with the believers of today? I don’t say that to cast judgement, I say that from a personal perspective. After 16 years of being a Christian, there are periods of my life that I could align with each one of these groups. Truth be told, I wasn’t in the word and I was believing what other people told me. That’s why its crucial that we study our bibles and that we grow our roots deep. That’s what makes us “good soil.” Its what makes us hear the word and understand it and makes us fruitful.

Lets pray:

Heavenly Father,

I am simply in awe of you! You know what was, what is, and what is to come! Sometimes when I get a glimpse of your greatness I realize that YOU ARE the ALL KNOWING CREATOR of the universe and it blows my mind! Father thank you for your word and what we can learn from it. Right now, I ask that you examine my heart and mind and if there is any offensive way in me, I ask for your forgiveness Lord. Help me to live my life in a way that points others to you! Help me to be a Disciple and be fruitful and bring others into your Kingdom. We give you all the praise, and the glory, and the honor in your precious name we pray, Amen!

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